ZocDoc Policy

ZocDoc is a great tool for scheduling appointments with doctors, but to ensure your privacy is protected, Live Well Medical Centers Orlando decided not to integrate our internal system with ZocDoc. This decision is based on our dedication to protecting your information.

Since our systems are not synchronized, there are 3 important things you must know before booking an appointment through ZocDoc:

ZocDoc Policy

  1. YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME IS NOT FINAL – When you book an appointment through ZocDoc, the time your select is not guaranteed to be available. The appointment time you pick in ZocDoc is pending a confirmation call from our clinic. Our New Patient Coordinator will call you to collect additional information and confirm your appointment time.
  2. DO NOT COMPLETE ZOCDOC’S ONLINE CHECK-IN – Our new patient process requires different information than what is requested through ZocDoc’s system. To avoid duplicating efforts and wasting your time, please wait until after you receive a call from our New Patient Coordinator before submitting any information about your visit.
  3. YOU MUST FAST BEFORE YOUR VISIT – Our diagnostics process requires each new patient fast the morning of their visit, so if you schedule an afternoon appointment, please be prepared to fast up until your visit with Dr. Flores. The fast requirement is also an important consideration for same day appointments.

We hope you find ZocDoc easy to use and a valuable way to estimate Dr. Flores’s availability. We ask that you please consider these three items before scheduling with ZocDoc.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment without using ZocDoc, send us your contact information and our New Patient Coordinator will give you a call.