Epiphany D1

Improve Your Memory and Mental Functions with Epiphany D1

Epiphany D1 is a non-prescription nootropic “stack” formulated to help improve memory, focus, attention span, and mental clarity. Nootropics are a class of compounds that have been used for years to improve mental fitness.

These substances range from B-vitamins to compounds as novel as ampakines, which have been researched by the military for their proposed abilities to affect the mental and physical abilities of soldiers.

How does Epiphany D1 work?

Epiphany D1 exploits the outermost limits of the spectrum and touches on every sweet spot in between. Its “designer brain food” concept nourishes every aspect of the learning process from beginning to end—from focus to the encoding of memories, on to their consolidation during sleep and lastly to recall after new information is stored away for later use.

Being that memories are constantly modified, Epiphany D1 delivers the best results when used as part of a committed regimen and taken in combination with a diet that supports cognitive health.

Where did Epiphany D1 come from?

The mission behind Epiphany was to begin a “war on drugs”, particularly prescription stimulants, amongst masses of people who aimlessly consume them in hopes of keeping up with an era where success is based on the ability to retain endless amounts of new information, and the time needed to do so exponentially becomes an even hotter commodity. The word Nootropic comes from the Greek words nou, meaning “mind”, and trapein meaning “bend”.

Epiphany D1 truly brings new meaning to the phrase “mind-bending”. Its cutting-edge ingredients offer the world an escape from the use of pharmaceutical drugs in order to combat feelings of depression, chronic fatigue, lack of motivation, and interestingly enough, even targets appetite control and weight loss (phenomena that have roots deeply anchored within the depths of the mind).

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