Medical Weight Loss

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Medical Weight Loss

We believe the key to weight management is finding a solution that is right for each individual patient. Our doctors work carefully to understand the weight challenges that patients are experiencing and how each patient’s body responds to a variety of weight-loss treatments.

Our medical weight loss program can help you to:

  • Lose weight – without hitting one of those frustrating ‘plateaus’
  • Lose fat, inches and drop dress sizes
  • Feel better AND look better
  • Increase your energy and your confidence

If you’re like most Americans – 69.2 percent, to be exact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – you’ve got at least one spare tire hanging in there despite your best efforts to get rid of it.

Medical Weight Loss Orlando

Our Medical Weight Loss Program

If like millions of other Americans you wonder how you are going to lose weight take heart, because now you can drop pounds of fat, lose inches AND take complete control over your body weight with our proven medical weight loss program. Sick and tired of carrying around those extra pounds and being overweight? Worse still, you feel like you have tried every diet ever invented, and the moment you resume your normal eating habits, or stop exercising long enough to catch your breath, the weight piles back on.

Weight gain can often be a symptom of hormone imbalance, so by restoring hormone levels and combining healthy eating habits, our doctors can help patients manage their weight. At Live Well Orlando, our medical weight loss specialists understand your despair and frustration, and are here to help you start losing weight today. At last, you can get the body you always wanted, lose that stubborn belly fat and start to lose weight – in a few simple steps.

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The key to good health is preventing illness and injury. Regularly check your hormone levels, nutrition levels and other vitals your doctor recommends to recognize potential health challenges before they occur.

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