Medical Diagnostic Services

We can evaluate nearly all aspects of your health.

Through a variety of diagnostic services, Live Well Medical Centers can clearly measure the health of each patient. These tests provide vital information for customizing all treatment to the specific needs of the patient. The diagnostic services also provide a bench mark for monitoring the improvements of patient’s health. These tests are not just limited to when you are feeling ill. You gain great insight into how well you are at any time in your life. These results may suggest you are fine or may suggest that you should consider a lifestyle change. Either way, we would be honored to assist you in gaining your perfect health.


Live Well Medical Centers diagnostic services include the following:




Resting Metabolic
Rate/V02 (RMR)

We offer great programs for preventative medicine that often include these tests and services to ensure that you are in the best health that you can be in. We look forward to assisting you in gaining the best health possible for your life.

Our physicians and staff are trained in the latest medical techniques and treatments; however, when necessary, they may consult with specialists to ensure quality and continuity of care.

Live Well doctors regularly rely on these tests to adjust prescriptions until patients achieve optimal health.

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The key to good health is preventing illness and injury. Regularly check your hormone levels, nutrition levels and other vitals your doctor recommends to recognize potential health challenges before they occur.

Look Better. Feel Better. Live Longer.