Turn Back the Hands of Time with Botox

Treatment with BOTOX® Cosmetic can visibly smooth and soften moderate to severe frown lines between your brows.

After noticing lines that furrowed your brow while looking in the mirror, you may have asked yourself:


  • Where did I get these wrinkles from?
  • Am I aging?
  • Is it because of stress?

The way in which skin ages and wrinkles is a complex process. Many factors include collagen loss, hormonal imbalances, free radical damage, and even more – it is a culmination of many factors.


Where did these wrinkles come from and how can Botox help?

The progression of time, and constant muscle movements in the face can eventually produce the lines between your brows, called glabellar lines. Contrary to popular expression, we wear our expressions much more on our faces than our sleeves! Anger, frustration, and stress can all furrow your brows and create glabellar lines. As your facial muscles contract, a pleat forms on the overlaying skin, and this is commonly referred to as a frown.

After years of muscle contractions, glabellar lines can begin to stay longer and appear more pronounced. Surprisingly, the effect can sometimes be seen to a greater degree in women since they tend to more animated in the face than men. Treatment with Botox can help to reduce the severity of glabellar lines.


How long does it take for Botox to work?

With BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment, an improvement can be seen within days and may last up to 4 months, although results may vary. In clinical trials, nearly 90% of men and women surveyed rated the improvement in the appearance of frown lines between their brows as moderate to better 1 month after treatment.


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