How Does Hormone Replacement Therapy  Work

Hormone Replacement Therapy starts with a lab test to determine the exact levels of hormones in your body. A doctor draws an extensive panel of blood laboratory tests that include most, if not all, of the hormones of interest. Additional laboratory tests may be ordered as well based on the discussion of your symptoms with the physician.

After a doctor reviews your test results, they will assess any hormonal imbalances. The doctor can then determine the necessary hormones and dosage levels required in order to return your body to its optimal performance level.

The hormone medications you will require are a plant derivative and are chemically changed in a laboratory until they are chemically identical to what your body would naturally produce. HRT at Live Well Medical Centers is always adjusted to fit your body’s exact needs.

How hormone replacement therapy works - orlando florida

How are the hormones taken?

Hormones are taken in various ways depending upon the hormones you need take. Some hormones are oral pills or capsules, some need to be given by injection, and others are applied as gels or creams that are absorbed transdermally.

How long does it take to feel the results of HRT

Feeling the results of HRT can vary among individuals since everyone’s body is unique. Your body’s absorption rate for one type of hormone could be faster or slower than another individual’s absorption rate for the same hormone.

At Live Well Medical Centers, we have seen some individuals experience results in a weeks time and others may take several weeks or even months. The most important thing to remember here is to stay with the program! As long as you continue to work with your physician, success is virtually guaranteed.

Does Health Insurance cover HRT?

For the most part, Health Insurance does cover Hormone Replacement Therapy. All insurance policies are different and there may be some items that insurances do not cover.

The physician that you see also has to be able to bill insurances and/or be in network with your insurance company. Not all of Live Well Medical Centers’ Physicians are in network with insurances; some are on a cash basis only. You can still submit the charges to your insurance by working with your insurance company and physician provider.

Will I lose weight with Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Generally speaking, the answer is yes. Loss of certain hormones or the overabundance of some hormones can slow the body’s metabolism down. A slow or sluggish metabolism will cause weight gain sometimes no matter how much you eat right and exercise.

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