Learn About Your Nervous System with an ANSAR Test.

The Ansar Test is a relatively new non-invasive testing of your nervous system.
It usually can be completed within 15 minutes, and requires minimal effort from the patient. It takes measurements of your autonomic nervous system (ANS).

What is your ANS?

Your ANS is the part of your nervous system which functions to sustain your life by controlling your heart, lungs, digestive system, blood pressure, immune system, certain reflexes like coughing or gagging, your fluid balance, pupil diameter, sweating, and sexual function.

Why is measuring my ANS important?

The ANS has two parts, or branches: the sympathetic branch and the parasympathetic branch. Generally the sympathetic branch is more in control when you are stressed, nervous, or excited, while the parasympathetic branch is more in control when you are relaxing, sleeping, or recovering from illness or injury. A BALANCE between the two branches of your ANS is essential for good health. In fact most illnesses and injuries result from an imbalance between these two branches. Hormone imbalances also directly affect these imbalances.

What does the ANSAR Test monitor?

The test is non-invasive meaning there are no needles or painful experiences at all. The ANSAR measures your heart rate variability, respiratory activity, and blood pressure readings during different situations such as standing, deep breathing, etc. Analysis of this data gives your doctor information about your bodily functions that are not obtainable in any other way.

Why is ANS monitoring important?

Everyone is different, and so is their autonomic nervous system. How an individual responds to disease, injury, medicines, even hormonal replacements largely depends on his or her ANS. By monitoring your ANS, your doctor can determine if enough is being done to keep you healthy and in balance.

Who should get an ANSAR test?

The data we obtain from the Ansar Test is used for multiple reasons. It is used to monitor the state of your ANS with respect to hormone replacement. It is also indicated for anyone who has had cardiac problems of almost any type, diabetes, hypertension, neurologic problems, Syncope or Near Syncope (passing out), anxiety and stress or circulation problems. There are many more indications to monitor your ANS, too numerous to list. Rest assured that the data obtained is used to monitor and address areas of your health that may need attention.

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